How can a baby fall asleep independently?

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Sleep problems for babies have always been the focus of mothers. When can babies sleep on their own? When does the baby need to sleep? Why others’ babies can sleep on their own after eating? Why my baby is so hard to fall asleep on himself? I believe many newborns’ mothers are facing such problems.

It is the fact that some babies are born with high-quality sleep, which has a lot to do with heredity, mother's exercise and sleeping habits during pregnancy. Some babies are born with high-demand, and such babies are usually a challenge on their mother’s patience.

Although there are certain rules and reference standards for baby's sleep, there are also many professional books that teach us how to train babies’ sleep. Please note that we use the word "training" here. Some common methods are including “Cry it out”, “No tears techniques”, and so on. However, since each baby is unique and these methods are not suitable for all babies.

This blog want to introduce some methods to improve babies’ sleep quality, and the purpose is to let mothers know that babies’ sleep actually needs to be cultivated, but not to be trained.

When will your baby can fall asleep independently?

The time for the baby can fall asleep independently is according to the specific situation of each baby. To be honest, there are no rigid standards to tell, because the sleep ability needs to be cultivated. If the ability is well developed, babies will naturally be able to fall asleep indenpendently. What parents need to do is help the baby to develop sleep ability and cultivate good sleep habits.

How to cultivate babies' sleeping ability and sleeping habits?

To cultivate babies sleeping ability, the first and the most important thing need to do is to keep the babies’sleep environment consistent

Most of the sleep problems are caused by changes in the sleeping environment, such as the typical wake-up when you put them down, and wake-up in the midnight. The sleeping environment of the baby is in the arms of their mother when they fall asleep, however when the wake-up point of the sleep cycle arrived, babies found the sleeping environment had changed, and they immediately became restless and started crying.

Therefore, in the first 3 months, parents should pay attention to the consistency of babies’ sleeping environment. The specific methods are:

When the baby is about to fall asleep, it is better for mother to lie in the bed together with the baby and pat the baby to sleep, so that the sleep environment is fixed on the bed. If the baby has been accustomed to sleeping by being held, then the mother can change from holding while standing to holding while sitting on the bed, and then move forward to holding the baby and lying down with baby together slowly. Gradually let the baby get used to the sleeping environment in bed. Mothers can refer to the US pediatrician Harvey Karp's method for soothing crying or fussy infants and getting them to sleep. At the heart of his method are the so-called five S's: swaddle, side or stomach position, shush, swing, and suck. Parents can also use white noise machine to help to create a more stable sleeping environment for the babies.



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