Why do you use starry sky lights in Chinese New Year?


It has been four months since the new year. Now it is the period of the COVID-19. Most people have to stay at home. Adults can watch TV, computers and mobile phones. But what about children? I would love to recommend a product which is called star projector night light to everyone today. With this fantastic night light, children can see the stars at home. It can not only make the home atmosphere be more beautiful and warmer, but also can make you do not feel bored any more. Meanwhile, it is also a good choice for decorating your room, and it could show the owner of the room’s taste, interest, and the personality. Some are also given some hints and blessings, but the decorations cannot be placed casually, and the places have their own particulars. The Chinese New Year in China means the lunar calendar On the last day, from the festive atmosphere, it is equivalent to our Christmas, usually, we will always buy some Christmas light shines on house.


Have you expected one that is different from others, the pastoral is small and fresh, with the simplest lines to outline a simple extraordinary and different, makes you feel very romantic. The creative night light and the inductive charging base are very unique in shape, like ripples on the water surface. The small shape makes it very convenient to move. It can be a delight for the night light in the bedroom and the atmosphere light in the dining table.

Your neighbors and friends will be amazed by the Christmas outdoor light projection costumes like you. Everyone likes it. There is no heavy volume, rain and sun protection. This beauty is not simply the beauty of everyone. In this kind of "fish", taken from "more than every year", it means: beautiful, happiness, well-being, it is a very auspicious and elegant decoration in the home. The ingenious design forms a scenic line in the living room, which is unique, vivid and interesting, adds aura, symbolizes the vitality and the wealth of money.

Every household in China will hang a pendant living room porch, which means: good fortune and good fortune every year. In the West, we will definitely decorate our house snowflake projection lights, not only in the room, but also in the outdoor setting, and on the outside of the house. Many night lights are arranged so that people can recognize the owner of this house at a glance. He must be a decent person. Compared with the traditional Chinese character-based Spring Festival couplets, the fluff is rich and smooth, and it is prosperous for the New Year, which is in line with Chinese traditional decoration customs and aesthetic concepts. The thick texture also meets our own social needs.

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