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        Light Therapy Lamp

        Since there are fewer hours of sunlight during the year, people who live in high latitudes areas(Norway lysterapilampe kan forbedre denne situasjonen) are more easily to be depressed. When depression develops to a certain degree, it can be life-threatening. Phototherapy lamps can mimic natural light to light up the room to relieve the depression. The phototherapy lamp is also called as "Happy lamp", it can make you feel happy from the inside out.

        Therapy Energy Lamp 10000 Lux Eye protection Health Light Daylight Portable Light with Adjustable Base Natural Sun Lamp

        Specifications:  Rated Power: 510W Brightness: 80100lm/w LED QTY: 70 2835smd Adapter Input: 100240V Output: 5V 2.5A Material: PC+ABS Color Temperature: 5500K USB Cord: 1.5m 2.5A Size: 24cm x 14cm x 1.5cm Package Included: ✨1 x Therapy Energy Lamp ✨1 x Charger ✨1 x Instructions LED, UV FREE, FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT: Emits 10,000 LUX of full-spectrum light, mimic a bright sunny...

        Light Therapy Lamp All Screen 10000 Lux Brightness Memory Settings 3 Adjustable Colors and 5

        UV-Free & Full Spectrum Light: Full spectrum and UV-free, our sun lamp is no harm to eyes and skin. It delivers natural light that lifts your mood, improves concentration and helps fight winter blues. Personalized Settings: This sun light offers 5 brightness levels and 3 different temperatures of white light from warm white to daylight. For your comfort, you can...